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Suburbian home with new coat of exterior paint

Exterior Painting - Residential

Give your neighbors an inferiority complex.

Central Virginia is blessed with four seasons. Unfortunately, the exterior of your house takes a beating from the blistering summer heat and the snow and ice in winter. Cracked and faded paint is a common result from the elements. To keep your property values up and your house looking spiffy, let James River Painters take care of your home’s exterior.


House Painting

Whether it’s new construction or an exterior painting refresh, James River Painters delivers an even coat of paint to make your home the jewel of the neighborhood.

Caulk and seal home


Seal up the cracks and crevices in your home’s exterior. Caulking helps weatherproof your home and make it more energy efficient.

worker pressure washing house

Pressure Washing

Clear away the dirt, grime, scum and dust with our expert pressure washing services.

worker pressure washing house


Keep your outdoor living spaces in good shape. Let James River Painters sand, stain or paint your decks to transform your backyard into an entertainment hub. We also do light repairs to keep everything in good working order.

painter painting a fence


You don’t need Tom Sawyer to whitewash a good fence. We sand, stain and paint fences of all shapes and sizes.

White House in Henrico with new coat of paint

West End home with new coat of white paint

Exterior Painting Process

We follow a clear process to ensure we deliver every job with consistency and in a timely manner. Here’s what you can expect:


  • Sand surfaces and inspect siding for damage
  • Cover bushes and yard ornaments
  • Protect your house and landscaping


  • Scrub and sand surfaces
  • Caulk where necessary
  • Light carpentry as needed
  • Tape corners and edges
  • Prime and paint evenly

Clean Up

  • Touch up paint as needed
  • Clean up and remove all our waste
  • Restore your home’s exterior
  • Inspect our work