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Financing Plans for Painting, Carpentry & Remodeling

James River Painters is proud to announce financing options through our partner EnerBank. This financing option is great for residential and commercial painting, carpentry, and remodeling solutions.

Loan Amounts up to $45,000

Loan Options as low as: $1,000

Loan Product Minimums Same-As-Cash Loans:$1,000
Traditional Installment Loan$1,000
Zero Interest Loans$3,500
5 Year Reduced Interest Loans$3,500
7 Year Reduced Interest Loans$3,500
10 Year Reduced Interest Loans$7,500
12 Year Reduced Interest Loans$10,000

Loan Options

Suggestions to keep in mind

As a strategy, pay attention to 3 loan options. That's all you'll ever need to get started. They are:

  1. 12 months Same-as-cash — Ideal the cash buyer that will spend more, spend sooner, and is more likely to send "payment option" referrals
  2. 6.99% 5 years — Ideal for a buyer that wants or needs a "monthly payment"
  3. 9.99% - Ideal for a buyer that wants or needs a "monthly payment"

Three Ways to Apply

  1. Apply with EnerBank's Mobile App - enerbank.com/mobile
  2. Apply by Phone - (866) 405-7600
  3. Apply Online - application.enerbank.com

Five Items Needed for Application

  1. Program Phone Number (866) 405-7600
  2. Contractor ID Number (provided after project estimate)
  3. Loan Code (provided after project estimate)
  4. eProject Type (provided after project estimate)
  5. Loan Amount (provided after project estimate)