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New wallpaper in hotel room

Wallpaper Services - Commercial

Personalize the walls of your business.

While we are known as commercial painting experts, James River Painters also takes care of other wall and decorative needs. From new construction to renovations, we can help you personalize your office with wallpaper and other wall coverings that will enhance your workspace and impress your clients.

worker removing old wallpaper

Wallpaper Removal

If your current wall coverings aren’t doing the job of making your cash register ring, James River Painters can expertly remove wallpaper with minimal hassle, giving you a blank canvas for an all-new look.

worker installing wallpaper

Wallpaper Installation

Choose from myriad colors, patterns and styles to create a commercial business space that is uniquely suited for your company. Our expert installers prepare the drywall and ensure a smooth and seamless finish.

worker installing wall fabric

Wall Fabric Installation

Borders, paneling, grass cloth and fabric – as a great alternative to stucco or paint, wall fabric can help hide imperfections in the wall, soundproof a room and give you a lively workspace for years to come.

wallpaper being installed in office lobby

Entrance with Wallpaper and Trim Painting

The Wallpaper Process

Just as with our commercial painting services, we take great pride with our wallpaper and wall covering work. We follow the same process to prepare the rooms and care for your home and furnishings, and we guarantee our work for five years after completion.


  • Remove outlet plates and wall coverings
  • Cover your furniture and fixtures
  • Protect your house and belongings


  • Scrub and sand surfaces
  • Caulk where necessary
  • Repair drywall if necessary
  • Tape corners and edges

Clean Up

  • Touch up paint as needed
  • Clean up and remove all our waste
  • Restore your rooms
  • Walk-through to inspect our work