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Power washing exterior of Richmond business

Pressure Washing - Commercial

Blast off the dirt and bring in the business.

Your commercial maintenance schedule should include a regular cleaning of your siding, roofs, windows and walkways. James River Painters has the professional power washing and pressure washing equipment and expertise to keep your office squeaky clean – alleviating the need for costly repairs down the line and keeping your business looking new.

Our equipment and expertise ensures we clean the surfaces of your office without breaking sensitive materials or damaging protective finishes.

Pressure Washing

Old or new, preserve your office’s exterior with a periodic power washing. Our licensed and insured experts and high-tech equipment will remove dirt, mold and other unsightly stains without scratching the surface of sensitive materials like vinyl.

While we can low-pressure power wash sensitive surfaces, we also have high-power equipment to blast away virtually any surface contaminant. Clear up those walkways, parking lots and more.

man pressure washing a sidewalk

Sidewalks & Parking Areas

Heavy traffic areas such as sidewalks and parking areas can build up dirt and mold. This build up over time can become a hazard especially during wet weather. Keep these surfaces clean and your customers safe.

Specialty Structures

Wood, composite and other materials require different levels of pressure to avoid damage. James River Painters will safely clean your shelters, gazebos, patios and more with the appropriate pressure, removing dirt and dust. Then we apply a sealant to protect the materials.

cleaning large flat commercial roof


Algae, scum and unattractive streaks from rainwater mar rooftops and wreck your curb appeal. We have the low pressure washing equipment to hose down your roof and make your office look clean and inviting.

power washing gutter

Gutter Cleaning

Clogged gutters create a hazard and a half. When water can’t escape, you’ll end up with a waterfall right out side your door, which poses a threat to your office’s foundation (to say nothing of your clients’ comfort). Call us every spring and fall, and we will safely remove leaves, limbs and other debris from your gutters.